Friday, April 15, 2011

New Front Lights In

So i spent the small hours of daylight i had after work yesterday putting the new front light surrounds on the corolla.
As you would have seen in previous pics, i got a brand new grill, surrounds for both sides, new parkers (which i have always been missing one untill now) and brand new indicators for the fenders.

Here's how it looked before. These pics really don't show much of the difference, but you can see the old surrounds and grill are just dotted with stone chips after having been repainted twice by myself. The passanger side parker has always been missing, and the indicators are faded and scratched...

With the new lights in;
This pic really isnt that great, you would be amazed at how dark this photo really is (I love my camera on f/1.4 and 1600ISO lol). You get the idea though, it certainly has cleaned it up a bit.

So hopefully i don't run the front of it into something next time lol

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