Saturday, September 3, 2011


Thanks to a buddy of mine, Anthony Bryant, I got the heads up that Performance Imports magazine has a new sub-magazine called Retro Auto. It looks to be a great read especially with cars such as the Hakosuka, a boso Ta22 and a rad S30z sporting the pages.

It just so happens that they chose to feature my corolla in it too so I thought I would share those pages with you guys.

HPI has shown the same feature before, but I won't be complaining as that alone was a dream come true for me.

It seems they have revamped the photos in this magazine to give it more of a grungy retro feeling.

Having only read the lead article on the GC10 and flipped through a couple of pages, I cannot wait to read though through the whole thing. I have much awaited more old school Japanese related magazines to come out so I'm excited to see more issues of this!


  1. Hi Grant! Glad you liked the magazine. My name is Ryan and I was the compilation editor of Retro Auto. I actually follow your blog and was surprised to see the cover of the magazine show up in my Google Reader! Cheers for your support.

  2. You're welcome bud, thanks for a great magazine!
    It's about time we had something dedicated to old school Jap cars

  3. this is really fking cool grant, congrats.
    wishing one day one of my cars could get in a mag.

  4. These are sweet I want a subscription Ryan

  5. can we subscribe for oversea readers out there. Its a monthly mag?
    we only get HPI over here.